About Us

The Child Artist brand was born in a moment of inspiration of the founders of HEARTS, a company famous for the high quality in the hand-made production of the delicate and traditional embroidery of the Sousa region, in the north of Portugal.
In fact, the creators of The Child Artist are themselves descendants of embroiderers and have academic training in Childhood Education and Medical Science, so they recognise the priceless value the drawings and paintings of children have in their harmonious development.
Therefore, The Child Artist combines the wonderful art of hand-made embroidery with the endless creativity that children put in their drawings and paintings. By using the unique quality of rich environmentally-friendly fabrics, we offer our clients all around the world the most luxurious fashion accessories for women.
The Child Artist is also based on a strong incentive of social responsibility, hoping that the exclusiveness of the brand benefits in particular the special artists that inspire it: children.
Thus, The Child Artist establishes partnerships with child care institutions and funds projects for child development in the countries from where the children artists who make the drawings embroidered in our pieces are from.
When you buy a product with the exclusive quality of The Child Artist, you increase your sophistication and contribute to a happier world. Find out more about us!

The Child Artist brand has an inherently humanitarian nature. The combination of the unlimited creativity of children's art with the master craftwork of the Portuguese embroiderers creates a continuum of innovative and exclusive intergenerational cooperation.
Child drawing as a mode of expression stimulates the acquisition of multiple physical and intellectual skills and the harmonious development of a child throughout his/her life. Hand-made embroidery as an established art form for millennia, which traditionally started during childhood in the north of Portugal, when small girls observed their mothers and grandmothers embroidering, is reinvented by the unmatched skills of The Child Artist embroiderers, perpetuating a cultural heritage of inestimable value.

Sustainable development

The Child Artist encourages sustainable development through the promotion of the hand-made embroidery. The development of the endogenous potential combined with the production of fashion accessories hand-embroidered and manufactured in ecological fabrics, such as linen and cork, has a positive economic, social and environmental impact, contributing to a fairer world.

Social solidarity

The Child Artist gives visibility to the authenticity of children's art as a manifestation of the endless imagination, originality and creativity, and which has a unique value for the encouragement of the holistic development of each child.
We establish partnerships with child care institutions all around the world, particularly in regions where the resources dedicated to children's education are scarcer, and we directly fund those institutions, contributing with a part of the amount made from the sales of The Child Artist products.
This way, The Child Artist aims to be considered as a promoting agent of equality and peace.

The Child Artist establishes partnerships with institutions promoting Child Protection, Education and Development around the world.
In order to contribute to the harmonious physical and intellectual development of children, mainly in regions where the access to education is scarcer, The Child Artist gives 3% of the amount made from the sales of its products to institutions in countries from where the child artists are from.
If you are in charge of a Child Development Institution and you would like to get associated with The Child Artist initiative, please contact us.

Existing partnerships

Kaki Tree Project - Japan

ICAF - International Child Art Foundation

UNICEF Portugal

EB1/JI Fontão - Friande

Agrupamento de Escolas da Lixa - Felgueiras

Centro Infantil da Lixa

Centro Infantil Frei Lucas - Margaride






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All The Child Artist products are exclusive pieces, drawn with unique creativity and imagination by children from all around the world and embroidered with the exclusive craftwork of our Portuguese embroiderers. We never create two equal pieces, since each piece results from the way each embroiderer hand-embroiders the drawing of each child.
Each of The Child Artist pieces has its own certificate, which includes the child's name and age, the craftswoman's name and a number that identifies that piece as unique.